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Nourishing your body is just as vital as nourishing your mind, and often go hand in hand. Feeding your body with the right nutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc will hugely effect how you feel , function and move forwards.

When you eat a biscuit to satisfy a craving but then tell yourself you may as well eat the whole packet now, how does that make you feel afterwards? When you haven’t prepared your meals, or done the food shopping so you have takeout what are the after thoughts?

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  • Love this super quick meal tofooco tofu stirfried with veg
    by pureandrawgoodiessheena Love this super quick meal  @tofooco  tofu stirfried with veg and added to some rice noodles...and then the best bit I load it with  @pimp .my.salad cashew cheese Sooooo good cooked in minutes and eaten in minutes too  #plantbased   #quickmealsforkids   #quickmeals   #easydinner   #healthyhabits   #healthyeating   #foodielife 
  • My brand new book Perfectly Imperfect Mum has simple yet
    by pureandrawgoodiessheena My brand new book Perfectly Imperfect Mum has simple yet nourishing plant based recipes that you can create yourself or as a family. Over the last few years I have really enjoyed creating and trying new recipes, and feel so grateful that we have so many wonderful nourishing ingredients available to us to try As a family and as a mum it's so important to keep things as healthy as possible, but who doesn't love cake?!! Sweet treats don't have to be packed with sugar and refined products, there are so many wonderful recipes that use natural healthy ingredients without
  • Sooooo excited to be in the Metro I know its
    by pureandrawgoodiessheena Sooooo excited to be in the Metro, I know it's my own limiting beliefs surfacing but I never thought someone like me or something I did would be featured in a publication like the metro. To be honest I was a little shocked and had to makesure it was actually my book! Through the many rejections, ignored messages, and setbacks it shows that you have to keep persevering, pushing through, wipe away the tears, and have faith. Through the challenging times there are also people who will believe in you, give you the time of day and support you ❤
  • Such a beautiful right up my street style cake Just
    by pureandrawgoodiessheena Such a beautiful right up my street style cake Just so happy and grateful to have something so bespoke for my book, I mean wow words of my book on the cake ....that's just awesome Thankyou  @friendinmebakery  love to always support local businesses and this is something I will never forget ❤  #bookrelease   #booklaunch   #vegancake   #perfectlyimperfectmum   #perfectlyimperfectlife   #cake   #northampton 
  • Sooooo gratefullike beyond deep level grateful to be able to
    by pureandrawgoodiessheena Sooooo grateful....like beyond deep level grateful to be able to host a beautiful book workshop and meditation based on being all things Perfectly Imperfect for some beautiful people yesterday My only purpose for this book is to support and help people and I am loving the fact even people who aren't mum's are enjoying the book....hmmmm...book no.2??? Lol So what better way than to gift some truly wonderful people in my life a meditation session, some of these people had never experienced meditation and I felt honoured they were open to try it and experience it. The workshop was for
  • Today I was soooooo excited because I made my first
    by pureandrawgoodiessheena Today I was soooooo excited because I made my first ever pumpkin pie and it was just incredible I've always liked the sound of pumpkin pie but never actually made it, to be honest I thought it would be complicated with the pastry base etc but the prep to oven took me 30mins and then once in the oven another 45mins....it was just soooo goood The base I mixed 1.5 cups of almond flour with 1/2 cup rice flour and 4 tablespoons of arrow root I added 2 tablespoons of coconut sugar and then a few tablespoons of water at
  • Super quick and easy dinner of cauliflower rice embedded with
    by pureandrawgoodiessheena Super quick and easy dinner of cauliflower rice embedded with herbs and nutritional yeast, topped with turtle beans and additional sweetcorn, baby spinach, avocado and a side of rainbow carrots. I felt so nourished after eating this colourful tasty dish
  • Anyone elses fridge filled with kombuchas kefirs and gut boosting
    by pureandrawgoodiessheena Anyone else's fridge filled with kombuchas, kefirs and gut boosting drinks? Love my  @remedydrinks  so refreshing and free from any artificial flavours or sugars. I am new to symprove which really helps the good bacteria in the gut thrive, I am doing a 12 week programme and am very excited to be starting tomorrow thanks again  @amandabyram  for encouraging me to give it ago, if there's anyone I trust It's her  @symproveyourlife  Hope you are all having a wonderful Tuesday and staying nourished

My name is Sheena

And my main role has been as an optometrist for over 10 years. I loved chatting to my patients and realised I wanted to help people further, so 5 years ago I qualified as a life coach and nlp practitioner.

I have been coaching clients within companies and one to one, and most recently through people's fitness journeys. More information at www.inspiring-success.com

After having two kids and trying to get back in shape, I realised working out just wasn't enough and that diet played a large role. I was able to find and make healthy meal choices but what I soon realised was there was no 'healthy but naughty' treats to satisfy my sweet tooth.