Pure and Raw Goodies

Nourishing your body is just as vital as nourishing your mind, and often go hand in hand. Feeding your body with the right nutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc will hugely effect how you feel , function and move forwards.

When you eat a biscuit to satisfy a craving but then tell yourself you may as well eat the whole packet now, how does that make you feel afterwards? When you haven’t prepared your meals, or done the food shopping so you have takeout what are the after thoughts?

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My name is Sheena

And my main role has been as an optometrist for over 10 years. I loved chatting to my patients and realised I wanted to help people further, so 5 years ago I qualified as a life coach and nlp practitioner.

I have been coaching clients within companies and one to one, and most recently through people's fitness journeys. More information at www.inspiring-success.com

After having two kids and trying to get back in shape, I realised working out just wasn't enough and that diet played a large role. I was able to find and make healthy meal choices but what I soon realised was there was no 'healthy but naughty' treats to satisfy my sweet tooth.